The Environment Matters 

Tongariro Suites is committed to providing a sustainable and an as close as possible Zero Waste environment in terms of the amenities and supplies provided to all our guests without compromising on luxury and your comfort. Although 100% Zero Waste will never be achievable, we continue to explore products, suppliers etc and change our offerings when a better product with less waste becomes available on the market.

When an individual, company, or organisation chooses to go “zero waste,” that means

  1. They are living and working without generating any waste.
  2. All recyclable materials are recycled,
  3. All organic materials are composted and
  4. Items that cannot be recycled or composted are avoided and substituted with waste-free alternatives.

Recycling and composting are easily established and we currently only have a few items left  where the manufacturer is not as yet offering a recyclable packaging option. When alternatives are available we, at the same time, need to take into consideration food safety and minimise food wastage when considering packaging and presentation to our guests before changing over.

It is our goal, to offer zero waste amenities and toiletries while still maintaining a 5 star experience.


Power Consumption


  • Our 5KW Solar PV system provides us with most of the power we need. Any surplus power gets fed back into the grid. Battery storage is constantly assessed but as yet not an economical option as yet.
  • Our lights are either energy efficient /LED and in common areas are on a sensor.
  • The property is double glazed and fully insulated including the concrete foundations.
  • The electric heaters in the suites have an inbuilt thermostat which automatically controls the heat of the room with 70% convection and 30% radiant heat delivery.
  • Hot water heating is supplemented in the winter by the wetback of the wood burner.


Water Care


  • We rely on rainwater for our water supply.Although we have 70,000 litres of water in storage we still ask you to be considerate when taking a bath or shower.
  • The drinking water is filtered twice and UV treated providing you with clear, clean, chemical and flouride free water.
  • All our waste water is processed on site and the clean grey water is dispursed back into the garden to water our plants.
  • Our tiled flooring areas are cleaned with a steam mop which means no cleaning chemicals and no excessive water is used.
  • Showers have flow restricters to conserve water but the water pressure is still great!
  • To keep our hot tub water in great condition we use a chlorine free sanitiser which does not harm the environment. The hot tub water quality is tested daily.


Caring For Our Environment


  • Our commitment to the environment means we will only change your towels and bed linen after your third night stay. Naturally if you want to have fresh linen on a daily basis, you only need to let us know.
  • We are in a constant process of reducing single use plastic without it affecting your stay in anyway.
  • Help us reach our 100% recycling goal by thinking before you throw anything away and make use of the recycle bins provided.
  • We have a compost bin for you to recycle your food scraps in. The compost will be used for garden maintenance and our vegetable garden.
  • Our community is a small but great one. We like to support local business and enterprise where ever possible in terms of the goods and services we purchase. For example:  Our honey from Manunui Honey is ethically and sustainably produced, with no added sugars, heat treatment or filtration. Delivered to our door where we exchange a full glass jar for an empty one.
  • We like to support  Zero-Waste NZ made products where ever possible. For example: We serve Kerikeri Tea  New Zealands largest certified organic and fair trade tea company. The tea is presented in reuseable tins and the teabags are plastic free and fully biodegrable.
  • Our carpet has an ECS Level 4 certification (environmentally certified) and is made of 100% recycable material.
  • We recycle old batteries and actively encourage guests to do the same by providing a battery recycling station at our reception counter.
  • Our land started off as a paddock but we are progressing with our landscaping and returning it to its natural state with planting native plants and trees, common to Tongariro National Park.
  • All sprays, fertilisers and chemicals used in the gardens need to be proven not to harm the environment before they can be used.


Community Involvement


  • All our linen that is no longer in 100% pristine condition and any other surplus items are being donated to the local charity shop or advertised on local Buy and Sell pages for deserving families to give items and second life.
  • We are committee members of the Horopito Residents and Ratepayers Society who are responsible for the preservation and restoration of the Old Horopito School which dates back to 1936.
  • We support the Kidney Kids NZ by recycling all wine bottle tops and empty aluminium cans . Please help us by putting these items in the recycling bin in your room.
  • We have supported the following charities and organisations by donating complimentary accommodation for auctions or prizes. We prefer to support either local charities or lesser known but very deserving national charities.
    2015 National Park Village Roy Turner Playground fundraiser.
    2015 Waimarino Art Awards
    2015 Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Insititute
    2016 Upside Downs Education Trust
  • 2019 Blackdog Ball- regional annual event in support of Mental Health Foundation
  • 2020 Supporting the Thankyou Healthcare workers website in response to Covid-19 pandemic


Zero Waste Provisions


The following products are provided and are zero waste. Most products are sourced from small NZ businesses who also believe in the zero waste philosophy which is also reflected in the materials they use and how their products are shipped. Where possible products are sourced locally.

  • Matakana Botanicals shampoo, bodywash and handwash
  • Bath Salts
  • 100% Cotton towels, bathmats and face cloths
  • Majority of the continental breakfast provisions
  • Volcano Coffee Fresh Gound coffee and organic Kerikeri tea supplies
  • Simply Milk- a Toitu Carbon Zero certified product
  • Eco friendly,natural cleaning products are used
  • Home made candles
  • All crockery is ceramic, glass or stainless steel